Cleaning Up The Intake on a W211 E320 CDI Mercedes TurbodieselWatch now (14 min) | For Efficiency, Performance, and Longevity
Substack Exclusive: Intake Modification MotivationWatch now (7 min) | Problems and Improvements for the OM648 Intake Manifold

February 2023

Moving Evonne Without a Key in the IgnitionWatch now (6 min) | for a useful tip on moving a W211 without a key and enjoy a timelapse of my workshop expansion being built!

January 2023

Evonne: Transmission MaintenanceWatch now (11 min) | What I learned changing my Turbodiesel Mercedes' transmission, filter, and cannon plug.
What will Evonne be like when I'm done?
An Indispensable Tool: MB Star SD ConnectWatch now (5 min) | And a demonstration of how I've already used it on Evonne, my current turbodiesel project.
Work on Evonne the Turbodiesel Begins!Watch now (18 min) | Starting With the Basics.

December 2022

The Mark-A-Billy Manifesto
Happy Holidays from the Art of Diesel
I Bought the E320 From Florida, Drove it HomeWatch now (6 min) | Good bones, but it needs lots of work!
Unless there's anything unexpected, The Art of Diesel's next project machine will be driven back from Florida this weekend.
I didn't shed many tears, though. I chose to sell my R320 CDI wagon / minivan / limo, and now I'm looking for the next turbodiesel to modify!