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Work on Evonne the Turbodiesel Begins!

Starting With the Basics.

Evonne is the name of my 2005 E320 CDI with the amazing OM648 engine, the best turbodiesel that Mercedes ever built.

Before I go crazy with modifications I need to take care of the basics! Checking on the exhaust and differential, plus changing the oil, and replacing a stuck thermostat.

The thermostat isn’t a bad job, but the trick is to remove the oil filter to get straight-in access on one of the bolts.

The oil change is interesting as the vehicle doesn’t have a dipstick. By going into the menu, starting with the temperature page, you get to a page where you can check the oil level with the ignition on, but without the engine started.

The exhaust looks like some easy modifications to get enough flow. I’ll chop off the stock mufflers and install something more free-flowing. I don’t mention it in the video, but I’ll also fabricate a straight-through downpipe without a catalyst.

It also turns out I had some incorrect information about the differential. While I’m quite sure this is the 210mm ring gear, it turns out that the ratio is 2.65, rather than 2.47 as I had read.

I also recorded video for changing oil in the transmission. Watch for that soon!

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